How to Pick the Right House Cleaners in Tacoma

If maintaining a clean home seems impossible and overwhelming, you are not alone! Hundreds of thousands of individuals and families around the world use some sort of house cleaning service each month. Whether you need someone to come weekly and do extras like wash, fold and put laundry away, or if you just need someone to come once a month to do the deep cleaning, it is important to find the right house cleaner to fit your individual needs.

Choosing the right person or company may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! We put together a few tips to help you choose the right house cleaner in the Tacoma area:

  • What services do you need? If you are ready to pull the trigger and hire a house cleaner, it is important to think about the services you need and then make sure you choose an individual or company who offers those specific services. For instance: are you wanting someone to clean your home weekly, twice a month or monthly? Are you wanting someone to do basic cleaning or deep cleaning? Are you wanting someone who can do extra services like wash and fold your laundry and/or clean your windows? What is your budget? These are things to think about so you can make sure the house cleaner you choose offers exactly what you want and can meet your expectations.
  • Ask the right questions — After you determine exactly what your house cleaning needs are, make sure you ask the potential cleaners the questions that are important to you. Questions may include things like: how many people are on the cleaning team? Will your home be cleaned by the same person or team each week? How long will it take to complete each cleaning? Do you need to be home at the time of service? What is their cancellation policy? What happens if something gets broken during the cleaning?
  • Be honest about your needs — Often times people clean more than usual before the initial walkthrough. However, it is important to show your home in its “normal” state during the first walkthrough so the house cleaners will know exactly what they can expect every time.
  • What cleaning products do you want the house cleaner to use? When you are looking for the right house cleaner in Tacoma, it is important to ask your potential cleaners if they will be using their own cleaning products or if you need to supply them. If they will be using their own products, it is important to ask what type of products they will be using to make sure they align with the types of products you want to be used in your home.
  • Find a professional cleaning service — While there are a lot of individual house cleaners out there that probably do an amazing job, it is important to hire a professional cleaning company that is insured and dedicated to high-quality service. A professional cleaning service will also be able to develop a personalized cleaning plan based on your needs and will employ multiple experienced team members in case your regular person is sick or unavailable on your scheduled cleaning day.
  • Read customer reviews and testimonials! Customer reviews say it all! It is important to find a home cleaning service that has outstanding customer reviews because customers don’t lie. You will want to choose a company with a solid reputation and several happy customers.
  • Go with your gut — At the end of the day, you are inviting someone into your home to touch and clean your personal space. This is a pretty intimate service, so it is important to go with your gut and hire the person or company you feel the most comfortable with.

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