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5 Books to Get Your Life Together

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These books will change your life

Atomic Habits / James Clear

This book will teach you how to break bad habits and create new, better ones, changing your life BIG, in the smallest ways.

Brainwash / David Perlmutter MD

Learn how to clear your mind, minimize overwhelm and distraction, completely rewire your brain and live for yourself!

The Illusion of Money / Kyle Cease

This book breaks down classic ideations surrounding money and challenges everything you’ve known, in turn it betters your money mindset and helps you be much more open to receiving.

Vibrate Higher Daily / Lalah Delia

The basics, how to up your frequency and live your power.

The Happiness Advantage / Shawn Achor

The reminder we all need that we don’t find happiness, we ARE happiness, and how to use that to benefit our everyday life and make us better in every way.

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Due to the increase in confusion booking certain cleans, and to protect our reputation, and our standard in the cleaning industry we’ve highlighted some new policies for current and future customers.

When booking a move-in/Move out cleaning you MUST select the move-in move out package. If you do not, we are not liable for it to be a completed move out/move in and most likely will not confirm the booking.

If your home is larger than 2 bed 2 baths you are REQUIRED to select deep cleaning. It is not fair to expect our staff members to clean your entire home in less time. The deep cleaning allocates the necessary time to properly clean these large homes.

How to determine if your home is “Slightly Dirty, Pretty Dirty or Very Dirty.”

If your home hasn’t been professionally cleaned within the last year, you should select “Very Dirty”.

If your home has been cleaned within the last 6 months, you should select “Pretty Dirty”

If your home has been professionally cleaned within the last 3 months, you should select ” Slightly Dirty “

Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting us, and understanding during these hard times. This notice is to ultimately help you the customer, and ensure you’re taken care of at the highest standard we offer.