Ten Potential Housecleaner Nightmare Stories

Whoever said “monsters only live in the closet,” clearly haven’t heard of the monsters that live in the kitchen, bathroom, playroom, and everywhere else in our homes. As housecleaners, we have seen it all! There are certain things your housecleaner probably won’t tell you, but we have put together a list of the top ten potential house cleaner nightmares:

1. Clients who don’t feel the need to hide personal items: when a client is too comfortable, this can be a housecleaner’s worst nightmare! There are just certain items everyone should tuck away before their housecleaners come. We will let you think about what these items could be… but if you would get embarrassed if your mother saw something of yours, you should probably put it away before your housecleaner comes!

2. Clients who insist on using bleach and other harsh cleaners: while most cleaning companies use their own products, some people continue to insist that they use bleach or other harsh cleaning solutions. This is a nightmare for housecleaners as there is always an ecofriendly option that is just as effective and way safer!

3. Clients who chat and act as though the housecleaner is their therapist: most housecleaners will smile and listen, but honestly, when clients lay out all the juicy details of their lives while cleaners are trying to do their job, it can become a nightmare real quick!

4. Clients who insist on following housecleaners around to make sure they are doing a good job: this drives housecleaners nuts! First, it shows a level of distrust and second, this can make them nervous and can prolong the job.

5. Flirtatious clients: men and women can both be guilty of this and either way, it’s a total nightmare! Housecleaners, especially those who work for a reputable company, are there for one reason and one reason only — to clean the house! They are not there for a date or a potential affair!

6. Clients who use housecleaners to pick up toys, dishes and other things around the house: this is such a nightmare for housecleaners! We are there to clean surfaces, not to spend hours picking up toys and other items before we can even get to the actual cleaning portion.

7. Clients who act like cleaning their home is a privilege: this happens a lot with wealthy clients who act as though it is a privilege for the housecleaner to be there. Yes! We all come from different backgrounds. Yes! Housecleaners are thankful to be employed (just like everyone else). But it can feel like a nightmare when a client treats a housecleaner like they are less than them or as if they should be so lucky to be cleaning their home.

8. Clients who ask for extras like window cleanings or laundry duties but don’t want to pay extra: housecleaning companies offer extras, but for a cost. It can be a nightmare for the housecleaner when the client expects them to do extra services without paying.

9. Clients who have pets and clearly have not cleaned up after them: pet smells when not cared for can be a total nightmare! Not only is it hard to get the smell out, it is hard for housecleaners to work when it is so smelly. 10. Clients who blame things on housecleaners when they didn’t do them: it is a nightmare when clients blame housecleaners for things they didn’t do. This can be anything from broken blinds to stained carpets. Wrongfully blaming him or her could cost the housecleaner money or even his or her job.

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