6 Daily Habits to Promote Self-Growth

Start with 2 and see what you can do

Step 1 & 2: Write it down and celebrate your wins!

To-do lists and tasks, shower thoughts, whatever it is, write it down! Writing things down makes them physical; with to-do lists and tasks this helps to hold you more accountable, and checking things off feels great! Having tasks sorted on paper (or digitally) helps ease overwhelm – but if you are hard on yourself for not getting to a task, try a “to-done” list! A “to-done” list is when you take a seat and a deep breath and write out everything you DID get done that day, even if it’s just resting, these lists are a helpful tool for reflecting and learning to celebrate every win. Gratitude journaling is another great practice when it comes to celebrating your wins and calling in more, reflect, show gratitude, and write it down.

Step 3: Stay hydrated and fed!

It’s easy in the hustle and bustle of everyday life to lose track of our food and water intake, but dehydration and not enough calories lead to brutal fatigue and lack of focus, among other things. Practice keeping a selection of snacks and a refillable water bottle with you, and listening to your bodily cues! Your tired mind will thank you, and your work ethic will too.

Step 4: Have a morning routine and practice patience!

Consistency found in something like a morning routine is a great way to get your brain and body into a “flow” state, making it easier to stay motivated and move along with daily tasks. Strict schedules work wonderfully for some, so experiment with both, but you will be most productive if you honor how you work best. While experimenting with scheduling and routines – more important than the routine itself – don’t forget to practice patience. Many times, days don’t go as planned, if this causes you to lose your patience you may be less likely to carry out your other tasks or to carry them out well because you become so affected by the one that went wrong. Deep breaths, keep moving forward!

Step 5: Immerse yourself in inspiration!

Likely the most life-changing tip on the list is to CHANGE your daily surroundings. Switch up who you follow on social media, buy books, watch

documentaries and shows and pay

attention to creators that inspire you. Pull the inner circle of yours that makes you feel good closer and distance the others. What we immerse ourselves in affects our reality, drastically. Not only does it influence our mood and personality, but the law of attraction will honor these actions and bring more of what you love to you. Don’t underestimate the power of what you consume on a daily basis.

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